Spanish and Latino Students' Association

1. Name: Abigail Crespo    

2. 19 years old    

3. Major: Environmental Science major    

4. Nationality: I am Puerto Rican    

5. Favorite food: My favorite food is arroz con pollo junto    

6. Position in S.A.L.S.A? : I am Social Chair of S.A.L.S.A    

7. Why you love S.A.L.S.A.? I love S.A.L.S.A because it my second family :). 
I love the fact that i get to  teach and 
help people be more aware great hispanic culture. 
8. What other clubs or groups are in? I am also a member of BSU   
9. Something interesting about you that you would like people to know :Something 
interesting about me is that.....I love
 dancing spanish music and i  played alto saxophone for my high school's, 
DeWitt Clinton :), marching band.  
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