Spanish and Latino Students' Association


1. Name: Cindy Flores

2. Age: 19

3. Major: Mathematics, Pre-Med

4. Nationality: Puerto Rican

5. Favorite Food: Arroz con gandules y pernil, grilled cheese

6. Something interesting: Even though it's going to take me a lifetime...I want to become a specialist in neonatology. My nephew was premature and I worked in a NICU for a while which added to my love of this field. Estimated number of years in school including college...14!

7. Home town: Bronx, NY

8. Why you love S.A.L.S.A.? I LOVE SALSA because it is our people's voice and representation on campus. It is also a great big family. I love its purpose, its cause and all of its members!!!!

9. Position in S.A.L.S.A? SALSITA Advisor

10. What other clubs or groups are you in? Omega Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

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