Spanish and Latino Students' Association


1. Name: Jessica Cardona

2. Age: 19

3. Major: Economics

4. Nationality: Hispanic/Puerto Rican-Hondurean

5. Favorite Food: Arroz con carne y habichuelas.

6. Something interesting about you that you would like people to know (At least 2 FULL sentences) I played the alto saxophone for four years. I love S.A.L.S.A.

7. Home town: Bronx, New York

8. Why you love S.A.L.S.A.? I love SALSA because it gives us (Latinos) the opportunity to reach out to the U of R community. It gives us a unified voice which otherwise we wouldn't have and for most of us it's just a home away from home.

9. Position in S.A.L.S.A? Business Manager

10. What other clubs or groups are you in? Minority Student's Advisory Board

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