Spanish and Latino Students' Association


1. Name: Stephanie Hernández

2. Age: 21

3. Major: Psychology and American Sign Language

4. Nationality: Puerto Rican

5. Favorite Food: Pastelon de platano maduros and much more!!

6. Something interesting about you that you would like people to know (At least 2 FULL sentences) I enjoy playing softball and I love the New York Yankees!! I have a big appetite and I burp loud!!

7. Home town: The Bronx!!

8. Why you love S.A.L.S.A.? I love S.A.L.S.A. because it allows me to share my beautiful culture with others and have fun at the same time.

9. Position in S.A.L.S.A? Vice President

10. What other clubs or groups are you in? International Living Center

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